Sunday, August 12, 2012

(photograph via Rachel Thompson)

comets and find us where we came from
vestibuled cock-tip, and she curtsies nails of alphabet

mixed bags and missing girls, awed changes
the not-quite talons dusted, a multiple roof absorbed

c'mon, i knew that guy when he was spinning around chickens and
mad-cow disease, all ponds of disco-ball

sweat hands by a kind of threes, pink leather pyramids spankage
now prefer so sayeth my left European knee

brackets mist...

My sisters cellophaned down and into tea, let the automobiles scratch their own virile, shifting necks. Each kiss is the least hotel milked anyway. And please try to understand that this is now my coat's pill, communist buttons sixty-four hairs. It mates pickled disobey with the anvil's slow, inexorable drip, foamy sketched highway teeth.

You're the colour of unseen bells, icicle moped flows and greenish over genocide. Escapes clay loudly to outnumbered floors of string, wary spied distance of Japanese, where diamonds dream the last weekend of saxophones. Is the corn sonata the moaned face of swinging arms sitting quietly, polluting fifty dollars worth of flop?

Remove the boy's cave and glinting moonlight, says gurgled. This tiny phosphate as puckered windows not used, horoscoped corners, old feet. Walking each buxom second up the stairs, i didnt always think like what i look like.


associate files as penile mantis whisper glass, the pinkering: symphony knows no sand that partners fiction: a pulsating squeal into her tea of measured insect nipples, the dim pop of zip: pastel oranges, pools of cunt, the leopard soil alternately the outskirts and the drip of ontolog: a tongue's velour far below perfumed the circling forest, baited forearms: their lunch apparatus is fresh and downy, staring back at them, a constant peeling wing